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George Field


Primary focus is on scientific and technological ideas within Technical Therapist.


George Field


Makes big decisions, manages overall operations and resources of Technical Therapist.
Main point of communication between the Board of Directors and Corporate Operations.


George Field


Oversees ongoing business operations within Technical Therapist.

Our Awesome Agents

We come to you and provide remote assistance as well.


George Field

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George Field

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George Field

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George Field

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Our Portfolio

From Private Equity & E-Commerce to Art Galleries, Blogs &, here’s a glimpse of our work.

Business Services

Let’s get down to business.  Time is money.


When your business runs into a technical issue, it’s important to have a key point of contact that understands your budget, the value of your business, your priorities, and what matters most to you most.  From working with Microsoft Office including but not limited to Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, & SharePoint, to your iPads, iPhones, Windows PC Desktops, Macs, & Laptops, you’re covered.


Residential Services

Yes, tech support is needed at home too.


Tech Support Services don’t have to stop at the office, especially if you have a home office, work from home, or have technology that’s in constant use around the house.  Get all of your tech support needs resolved from Wireless Networking, Contractors, & Smart TV’s, to Data Migrations, Photo Organization & Slideshows, & mobile device support for Apple’s iPads, iPhones, iWatches, I handle them all right at your home.  Whether you’re using Windows PC’s or Apple Macs, whether desktops or laptops, any technical problems that arise always have solutions.


Shops are popping up online more than ever before.


Having a retail shop is heavy enough workload for anyone, especially for the owner.  Not having a retail shop and starting an E-Commerce business online can be daunting.  Get services launched specifically designed for your business needs, including credit card terminals, web design, and content management systems such as WordPress & Shopify. We will get your products out there on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn.


Blogs can make money too & they’re not just for money, they’re a Lifestyle.


From blogs to Lifestyle, news, & business blogs, Starting a blog can be intimidating but it all starts with that first step.  No matter how you choose to start your blog and social media services, get support when you need it at any time.  From writing blog posts,  resolving technical issues and bugs in WordPress, advertisements, & Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), or posting the latest fashions, you’ll be advancing in your online niches quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Everything Else

Last but not least.


No matter what your technical request may be, there’s a great chance it’s going to be doable and all you have to do is ask.